Remember the good old days when you’d wake up and a frosty pint of milk was there waiting for you on your doorstep? As much a part of classic British culture as fish and chips, ruby-red buses and Her Majesty herself, the milkman is a time-honoured tradition that makes us Brits who we are. And he’s back…

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Glass of fresh milk delivered by your milkman

IMC – your independent foodservice company – are bringing that tradition bang into the 21st Century, combining the quality products and good old-fashioned service of yester year with the flexibility, technology and variety needed in today’s modern world.

Enjoy the convenience of deliveries of fresh milk, bread, cream, yoghurts, eggs , water and juice to your, workplace or restaurant kitchen, as often as you want and all at refreshingly low prices. 

Bring the milkman back to your street with IMC. It’s the professional reliable service you need, with that personal touch you’ve missed.


Milk matters. Whether it’s for the cereal, a splash in your morning coffee, or keeping your employees happy at break-time, having milk in the fridge is one of life’s key ingredients to a happy healthy life. That’s where we come in. IMC deliver fresh milk, yoghurt, cream, bread and eggs . You may be surprised at the wide range of other products we also deliver, such as milk alternatives, juices and bottled waters.

IMC – keeping people going from the start of the day right through to that last cup of the day.



Of Dairy Products, Morning Goods, Juices and Fruit and Veg ‘sourced from our local Nursey’.

Order up! Make sure your lattés stay fresh, your sandwiches soft and, most importantly, your customers happy with daily deliveries from IMC. Supplying all the essentials needed to keep any shop stocked and café or kitchen going, all at surprisingly competitive prices.  You’ll keep your overheads down, your cupboards stocked and those regular customers coming back for more.

See our information for Commercial Customers here.

Delivering quality milk and groceries throughout Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby, Northampton, Towcester, Milton Keynes and everywhere in between.